Out of Court DYFS / DCPP Investigations in New Jersey – What are your rights?

DYFS Investigations

Most DYFS / DCPP cases do not start with DYFS removing your children and taking you right to court.  Instead, many people get a knock on the door by a DYFS case worker.  This is called an out of court DYFS case or a DYFS (DCPP) investigation.  The case worker may want to look around the house, speak to the children, interview the parents and/or ask you to sign a number of forms.  Before you know it, you have already made a number of admissions that could harm your case and you have signed a number of documents that could be used to gather evidence against you.  Of course, ignoring DYFS is not going to just make everything go away.  Thus, parents facing this situation are in a real catch 22.  However, you do have rights when DYFS knocks on your door.  The primary right you have is to hire a lawyer ASAP.  That is why our lawyers are available 24 hours a day because DYFS is 24 hours a day. What many people don’t realize is that they are setting themselves up for the DYFS trap and by failing to take action immediately, they could wind up in court even if the case worker says its no big deal.  Before you know it, you are locked into evaluations and treatment and months have gone by and DYFS will just not go away.   Eventually, your children could wind up in foster care while you fight to get them back.

That’s why our team of tough, smart New Jersey DYFS lawyers will help you fight back!  we will help you end the harassment!  We have helped many clients quickly get DYFS out of their lives. You do not need to be pushed around. Even better is that you can hire a great team of DYFS attorneys without spending a lot of money because there is no court case yet. Lawyers bill based upon time spent on a case. Court cases, especially DYFS court cases, take a lot of time to handle. Since there is no court appearances, there is much less for the lawyer to do. As a result, you save money and you can still get great, quality representation. While we make a lot more money if your case goes to court, we are a busy law firm.  We are no desperate for money and we cannot stand to see a great family go through the heartache of a DYFS court case when it could have been easily avoided if they would have called us early on.  Countless numbers of clients have told us “I wish I would have called you sooner”.  Don’t be that client.

For more information, check out our DYFS Investigations F.A.Q.

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