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Don’t let DYFS / DCPP threaten you not to get a lawyer

I hear way too often that people are scared to get a lawyer for a DYFS / DCPP investigation in New Jersey.  The case worker may say that if you hire a lawyer, they will bring you to court.  You have the right to an attorney at any point and I think it is insane to deal with DYFS / DCPP without an attorney. Often times, when confronted about this, the case worker will deny ever saying this.  Thus, I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone to say that this is some type of DYFS policy.  Instead, my personal opinion is that the case workers are scared of dealing with an attorney that handles DYFS cases because they know that they will not be allowed to bully you.  I’ve even had attorneys for DYFS try to bully and threaten me and I find these threats to be BS.  About 90% of the time I have been threatened, it turned out to be all talk.  Even if they follow through with their threats, my team is fully prepared to defeat the case against you.

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A lawyer cannot guarantee results

A client recently called me and indicated that another lawyer they spoke with was charging 5 times what I was charging but he could guarantee that he could get the child back.  Luckily the client didn’t fall for that and she hired us.  However, I’m sure many clients do fall for that.  After all, if someone can guarantee something like that, wouldn’t you pay anything?  (Notice how the guarantee cost so much more)  We always tell clients that we can’t guarantee the sun will come up tomorrow so thus, we can’t guarantee results.  What we can guarantee is that we will fight for you as if we were fighting for our own case.  Our passion for our clients is the reasons why we get such good results.  You case will always be our top priority.

Cheap NJ DYFS attorneys are cheap for a reason

Cheap NJ DYFS attorneys are cheap for a reason

As I have said in another post, selecting the right NJ DYFS / DCPP attorney can be tough. There are only a handful of us that handle these cases on a regular basis but most of us charge a fair price. That’s a problem for many people because they cannot afford a fair price  for an attorney since DYFS has a war on the poor. Not wanting to settle for a public defender, many people unfortunately turn to cheap DYFS attorneys that will take almost anything upfront just to get the money. People hiring these attorneys don’t often realize that there is a reason why attorneys charge what they charge. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. At some point, some of these people do realize that they made the wrong choice and they eventually hire the right attorney. However, not everyone is so fortunate.

Some people have very little money and once they realize that they chose the wrong attorney, they don’t have any other funds to switch attorneys. Most of these people would have probably been better with a DYFS / DCPP public defender. Of course, if you hire a DYFS lawyer early enough, you may be able to save money by closing out the case sooner. In our experience, when people leave a cheap attorney for us, the previous attorney has usually done next to nothing. As a result, months were wasted which prolongs the case unnecessarily. This is especially difficult when the children were removed from the house.  Thus, be sure that you select the right New Jersey DYFS lawyer early on.

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Does your lawyer know what they are doing with a New Jersey DYFS / DCPP case?

Does your lawyer know what they are doing with a New Jersey DYFS / DCPP case?

Unfortunately, many people involved with a DYFS / DCPP case in New Jersey cannot afford to hire a good defense attorney. As a result, they will be represented by a public defender. Furthermore, most attorneys are local attorneys which means that they only practice in a limited area in New Jersey.  Since they would only get at most, a few calls about a DYFS case, they don’t bother to learn the very different rules associated with NJ DYFS cases.  Thus, there are only a limited number of attorneys in New Jersey that handle DYFS / DCPP cases on a regular basis. Most of the attorneys are good and they charge what they are worth. However, it seems that some NJ attorneys will take any case that walks in the door. As a result, I have seen some horrible moves made my lawyers that have no idea what they are doing.

This also happens because many people don’t realize that attorneys usually only practice a handful of areas of law. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist for brain surgery right? But the difference there is the podiatrist would refuse to help you where some attorneys will be happy to take your money and screw up your DYFS case for you.

When you are looking for a DYFS / DCPP attorney, may sure you find one that actually knows what they are doing, has a good track record of winning cases and will charge you a fair price.  I cannot stress looking into the attorney’s track record enough.  Some attorneys say they have handled a lot of DYFS cases which in fact, they have not; or if they have, they don’t get good results.

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