Client hires us just in time

Client’s son was accused of molesting a cousin.  The cousin was staying in her house because of another family member’s DYFS case.  The mother of the alleged victim made the allegations directly to my client but other than that, everything was quiet for a few days.  She was really on the fence about hiring us since it seemed like nothing may happen.  After much debate, she decided to hire us.

Within 48 hours, she received calls from DYFS and the Prosecutor’s Office.  I fielded the call from the Detective of course.  After explaining our position to him, I was able to get them to close their investigation and send the case back to DYFS.  I also alerted the child’s school that no one should be interviewing the child.  Needless to say, the client is very relieved that we were in her corner ahead of time rather than having to try to get us on board after those calls.

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