Middlesex County DYFS Lawyers help clients avoid child abuse charges



Middlesex County

Client was charged with beating her child to the point where his arm was broken. However, the client claimed that her child fell off his bike. Like most of these cases, the decision as to whether or not the client is credible was made by the hospital and then carried forth by other agencies such as DYFS / DCPP. In this case, the doctor at the hospital did not believe the client’s story. Luckily, our team of Middlesex County child abuse lawyers were able to get one of the top experts in this field to help us. He agreed to that DYFS had no case and that their doctor’s report was flawed. The day before the case was to go to trial, DYFS called us to let us know that the case would be dismissed.


If you are facing a DYFS / DCPP case in Middlesex County, call the team of tough smart Middlesex County DYFS lawyers today to discuss your case.

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