Passaic County DYFS Lawyer shuts down DYFS investigation

T.P. And C.P.

Passaic County

This was one of the stranger cases we had been involved in. DYFS wanted to interview the clients but they never returned our calls. Months went by and it seemed like the case was closed. Without any explanation, DYFS filed a complaint against our clients filled with lies not only about our clients but about our firms. As a result, the case got personal. At the first court appearance, one of tough and aggressive Passaic County DYFS lawyers got into a big fight with the attorney for DYFS as well as the judge. We showed everyone that we back down to no one. DYFS wanted to not only interview our clients but interrogate them for a long period of time. We advised everyone that we would advise our clients to take the 5th amendment and the Court actually indicated that same might not apply to a DYFS case! However, by the time DYFS came out to the house that week, what was originally planned to be a huge battle turned out to be a 90 second appearance at the house where the case worker came in and left almost immediately. See, we had one of our attorneys are the house to shut down the interrogation when it started getting ugly. Between that and our performance in court, it became clear that DYFS had backed down. It quickly informed the Court that they would be dismissing their complaint against our clients.

If you are facing a DYFS / DCPP case in Passaic County, call the team of tough smart Passaic County DYFS lawyers today to discuss your case.

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