Dealing with DYFS involved custody cases in New Jersey

Dealing with DYFS involved custody cases in New Jersey

Our lawyers have noticed a disturbing trend in New Jersey over the last few years. Instead of DYFS filing a Title 9 complaint against one of the parents where there are accusations of abuse and neglect, DYFS helps one of the parents fight against the other. This presents a whole host of problems. The first problem is when there is a divorce or custody case already in progress or at least contemplated. In those cases, the parent at issue may already have a lawyer involved. However, it is unlikely that that lawyer will have any experience in DYFS matters since most family court lawyers rarely handle such cases. We know because we have seen this issue many, many times. Without the ability to make key moves early on in the case, the parent’s rights suffer greatly.

Another big problem is that DYFS is like the unseen enemy. They are causing a lot of problems, they are writing reports and they are communicating with the other side but they may never be in the court room! Thus, trying to fight this unseen enemy can be very tough. In a normal DYFS case, the lawyer for the parent has access to the entire DYFS file. In a case where DYFS is just involved, you have access to nothing unless your attorney files a motion. In addition, DYFS cases allow you to have trials where in a DYFS involved case, the judge has the power to create their own rules. Its a very tough situation to be in and as a result, a lawyer will little to no experience in such matters can cause a lot of problems.

That is why our team of tough and aggressive DYFS / DCPP lawyers know how to handle all aspects of a DYFS case from DYFS investigations, divorces with DYFS allegations or custody trials where DYFS is involved. We can also handle any and all criminal allegations related to the DYFS allegations. Call us today to discuss your case for free.

NJ DYFS custody cases

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