Responding to a DODD removal in a NJ DYFS court case

Responding to a DODD removal in a NJ DYFS court case

In New Jersey, when DYFS / DCPP takes your kids, you have a court appearance within a few days. Thus, DYFS has the ability to take your children without prior court approval. This is called a DODD removal. If you resist, they will call the police to help them. In fact, they may call the police ahead of time just to make sure there are no issues. After your children are removed from your house, they may be placed in foster care. While you are waiting for your court date, you may have no ability to contact your children.

The first court appearance is called a DODD hearing. At this hearing, you will be presented with the DYFS complaint against you which will include all of the allegations. Generally, this is not a time for a trial. That comes much later. Instead, the Court will focus its attention on whether or not the removal was proper or whether the children should be returned to you. Unfortunately, many people just show up to court without an attorney. This is one of the most important court dates and handling it without an attorney can lead to disaster. Our team of tough, smart DYFS / DCPP lawyers have a long track record of helping people get their children back at DODD hearings. Call us anytime for help with your DODD hearing.

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