Child Abuse, DYFS and CPS Consultants

Child Abuse, DYFS and CPS Consultants

If your criminal or family matter involves allegations of child abuse or neglect, you need a team that can stand behind you and fight against every threat to your freedom and your family.  These threats can come from law enforcement, CPS workers and agencies, the other parent’s lawyer and the judge.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers back down to no one.

However, not everyone has a team of attorneys behind them.  Either they chose the wrong lawyer from the start or they didn’t realize that the case would get complicated.  Our team of lawyers are available to consult with no matter where you live in the country.  Our consulting practice is very flexible.  We can work with just you, your lawyer or both of you.  We can come to court with you or just review documents remotely.  No matter what you are looking for, our team of consultants can work with you to help you achieve the results that you want.  As you can see from our Big Wins, we know how to get results.

To see how we can help you, call us today.  Let us know what your concerns are and we will tailor a strategy that conforms to your desires, your case and your budget.  If we have to come to you, please be advised that we do not charge travel time in most cases.

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