Hudson County Child Abuse Lawyer helps client avoid lengthy prison sentence


Jersey City, Hudson County Superior Court

This was a case that made news around the world.  Its every parent’s worse nightmare:  you hire a nanny to watch your baby only to find out that the nanny is abusing the baby!  The client was caught via a webcam and soon after the incident, she was unable to be located for several months.  As a result, she was declared a fugitive.  The video of the client assaulting the baby was all over the news.  Eventually the client was caught.  This is an impossible case to defend right?  Not so said our Hudson County Child Abuse Lawyers.

We took the emotion out of this case and broke it down to what it was, not what it seemed like.  A careful examination of the facts and the law clearly showed that the client did not have the intent to harm the baby and that no harm was actually done.  We were fully prepared to take the case to trial but right before jury selection the client agreed to accept a plea deal to a 3 flat.  After the client was sentenced, she will be eligible to get out of prison in just a few months.  While our Hudson County Child Abuse lawyers were ready to take the case to trial, we understood the client’s position.  A few months in prison is much better than spending several years in prison if she was convicted.

How can our Hudson County Child Abuse Lawyers help you?

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