Do I have to sign the HIPPA form from DYFS?

Do I have to sign the HIPPA form from DYFS?

Quite often, DYFS will be investigating you for one thing, but then their investigation will go into other areas.  This is not always obvious.  However, the most obvious sign that they are doing this is when they ask you to sign a HIPPA release especially when the case has nothing to do with medical issues.  Consider this common scenario.  A DYFS case worker comes to your house to investigate a report of you hitting your child.  Your child is old enough to be interviewed and he or she says that nothing like that has ever happened yet.  Case closed right?  The case worker leads you to believe that this is the case but she wants you to sign a HIPPA release form to talk to your doctor.  What does your doctor have to do with alleged child abuse?  Nothing of course!

Many of my clients with in court cases are not brought to court for the initial allegation.  Instead, they are being brought to court for something that DYFS discovered during the investigation for the initial allegation.  To avoid this, you should call an attorney before you sign anything.  Since you never know when a DYFS case worker will ask you to sign something, it is best to call a DYFS defense lawyer at the first sign of any possible DYFS involvement.  Call our team of tough, smart lawyers today to discuss your case.

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