How to get children out of foster care

How to get children out of foster care

If DYFS has placed your children in foster care, the fastest way to get them out is to hire a good lawyer as soon as possible. Time is just not on your side with these cases. The first obvious step is to challenge the removal. Of course, you have no time to do this. When DYFS does take your kids, you will only have a few days until the first court appearance. One one hand, this is good that you get an opportunity to fight back so quickly but it also limits your ability to hire a good lawyer. This first court appearance is so crucial (this is called a DODD hearing). If the wrong moves are made, it could delay the children coming home for quite some time.

If your DYFS lawyer has exhausted all possibilities to get the children out of foster care and returned to you, the next thing to focus on is whether or not the children can be returned to a family member or a friend. Sometimes, you have to focus on more than one option at the same time. Your focus must be on getting the children out of foster care right away. It is very difficult to lose your children forever if they are with a family member or a friend you can trust.

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