Should I give DYFS a urine test?

Should I give DYFS a urine test?

This is a tough one because you rarely have a lot of time to really think about it. If DYFS calls you to take one and you refuse, they will likely use it against you. Of course, if you take one and you fail, you’ll likely be in court. See the dilemma?

But you have nothing to hide right? Well the problem here is that with the DYFS providers you will go to, there seems to be a high chance of false positives. We’ve seen too many people test positive for heroin, cocaine and other drugs when there is no way they ever touched these drugs in their lives. Nevertheless, these false tests caused a lot of problems for them.

Don’t less this happen to you. If you can safely call a lawyer before you make any decision to give a urine test, you should do so. Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW anytime.

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