Should I let the DYFS case worker into my house?

Should I let the DYFS case worker into my house?

This is a tough question because you don’t usually have the time to research the issue when it is presented to you. In other words, if you get a knock on the door from the case worker, you don’t really have the ability to tell them no, let me go research this issue first.

Hopefully, you got some other indication that DYFS is investigating you so you are trying to determine what to do if they come to your house. Like many other issues, we can’t tell you what to do but we can discuss why your lawyer may have concerns with how you handle this.

The concern here is that you don’t know what will happen when they get in there. Will they see something that can cause a problem? Will they count your medication? Will they take an issue with the alcohol you have? Will they talk to your children?

Before you make any big mistakes, call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW anytime.

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