The Role of a Law Guardian in DYFS Cases

A law guardian is essentially your child’s defender. In legal situations, a child must have his or her voice heard, and in many family law cases, a law guardian can voice the wishes of the child. Law guardian’s are there to not only voice the child’s wishes, but they also serve to protect the interests of the child, independent of the parents’.

In cases involving child abuse, or in the event parental rights may be terminated, a law guardian is appointed. Both the law guardian and investigator will ask the child questions about the case, preparing them for court. If deemed necessary, evaluations like mental health evaluations may be coordinated by the law guardian. Although the law guardian is there to speak for the child, much like an attorney, they do not make the child’s decisions.

The law guardian has allegiance to the child, and the child alone, and has no affiliation with either of the parents or DYFS. Their sole purpose is to understand the wishes made by the child, and must present these wishes, as well as the child’s best interests, to the Court. Finding a skilled and caring law guardian is important, as they are the ones who help the child through the court process.

Consulting with a New Jersey DYFS attorney is highly advised if you are facing allegations of abuse and your parental rights are at stake. A well versed and experienced DYFS attorney can help you defend allegations of abuse or neglect made against you, helping you assert your rights in court. An attorney can also help you find out what the law guardian will say in regard to the child’s wishes, making sure the outcome of the case is fair and your child’s best interests are protected. If a law guardian is making your case difficult, we know how to fight back. Our team will fight for you, and will go to great lengths to make sure your case is strong.

If you are searching for an intelligent and reliable New Jersey DYFS lawyer, please contact our team at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529). This 24/7 toll free hotline is made available to you so that you can reach us at any time, further showing our dedication to you.

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