What is a Fact-Finding Hearing?

What is a Fact-Finding Hearing?

After the discovery period comes a fact-finding hearing, which is very similar to a trial. Here, DCPP will present evidence of the claims against you, and then you get the opportunity to present a defense. The best way to prepare for this type of hearing is to do so with one of our New Jersey DCPP attorneys, as you can rely on them to protect your interests.

The fact-finding hearing is designed to see if the accusations of child abuse and/or neglect have occurred or not. If the judge finds that you have in fact abused or neglected the child, DCPP may receive a court order which says that you must comply with certain services such as psychological evaluations or domestic violence services.

Don’t Face NJ DYFS Alone, Call Our Team

At the fact-finding hearing, our lawyers will cross examine the witnesses, attempt to limit their evidence, and/or introduce our own evidence to get the case dismissed. Having a lawyer by your side is crucial at this stage, as this hearing sets the tone for the future. With one of our hardworking and smart lawyers by your side, we can help you understand your rights in this situation, as well as help fight for your parental rights. If your child had been removed from the home, we can work to help have them returned soon. Be sure to reach out to our team of NJ DCPP lawyers and we will work to help you and your child. Call our 24/7 toll free hotline at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to speak to one of our dedicated attorneys, who are ready to fight for you.

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