Shaken Baby Syndrome in DYFS cases

Shaken Baby Syndrome in DYFS cases
Shaken baby syndrome is common DYFS issue but it can unlike any other set of allegations. That is because the procedures are different and the science involved is very complex. In plain English, Shaken baby syndrome is when an adult shakes a baby which results in injuries. The reasons why people shake babies may vary but it is often out of anger and frustration. Most of the time, the adult does not understand how fragile the baby is and does not think that their actions caused any injuries because the child may not exhibit any signs of being injured. In fact, in many cases the baby falls asleep as a way of coping with the pain. Its only when the baby wakes up does a parent or caregiver realize that there is something wrong and the child is brought to a doctor.

Because there is often a delay between the actions and the discovery of the injuries, time lines become crucial to winning or losing the case. A doctor will determine a range of times that the injuries occurred. Anyone that hanlded the baby within that time period will be a suspect and DYFS will likey bring all of those people to court. If there is even a chance that you are in this potential pool of suspects, it is important that you call a DYFS defense lawyer before you say or do anything. The simplest comment by you could be used to paint you as the prime suspect.

Hiring a lawyer to defense you against shaken baby syndrome allegations will not make you look guilty. Chances are, you are already a suspect anyway. Before you say or do anything, call our team of tough, smart defense attorneys at 1-855-9-JEFLAW. We’ve successfully handled these cases and we will fight for you. There are a number of defenses that can be used to help you. There are other explanations including medical conditions that could have caused these injuries. Let us go through even possible explanation to protect you.

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