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Atlantic County DYFS Attorneys win fact finding hearing


The Atlantic County DYFS Attorneys of the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq. have helped another client win a fact finding hearing.  In an Atlantic County DYFS case, the trial is called a fact finding hearing.  At this hearing, an Atlantic County Superior Court Judge will decide if the Title 9 abuse or neglect charges should be substantiated.

In this case, our DYFS attorneys were presented with a number of difficult facts.  Many DYFS cases only involve one set of allegations but this case involved three.  First, DYFS alleged that our client had committed acts of domestic violence against the mother of the children.  Then he is alleged to have choked his daughter and smacked his son.  This is classic child abuse but the technical term is excessive corporal punishment.  Finally, DYFS also alleged that our client a substance abuse problem.

To many attorneys, this may seem like an impossible case to win since there are three trials in one.  However, our Atlantic County DYFS Attorneys know how to fight.  We took this case to trial and after the fact finding hearing was over, the judge had indicated that we won the case.  Despite DYFS trying three different ways to nail our client, we still won the entire case!