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Morris County DCPP Lawyers help client get parenting time

Steven S.

Morris County

This is one of those tough cases because there were a number of allegations against the family.  It started with the child claiming that he was hit by a belt by his father.  The mother also admitted to a very severe domestic violence history which is always problematic.  Add drug use to that and this could be a very challenging case for most lawyers.  Luckily, our client hire our team of tough, smart Morris County DCPP lawyers.  The lawyer for DCPP (formerly DYFS) did not want our client to have any parenting time at all.  Nevertheless, our lawyers fought hard to make sure that he would be able to spend time with his family.  Our lawyers also made sure that he wasn’t subject to a schedule set by DCPP.  For some reason, DCPP likes to prevent clients from having parenting time but we never let them get away with that.  If the child is with a relative, the schedule should be up to the relative, not DCPP.

If you are facing a DCPP is Morristown, call our team of tough, smart Morris County DCPP Lawyers today to discuss your case.