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New Jersey Child Abuse Investigations

New Jersey Child Abuse Investigations

Allegations of child abuse can be investigated by both DYFS and the local police.  Most people don’t realize that anything they say to DYFS can be used against them.  Make no mistake about it, DYFS and law enforcement work very closely together.  Thus, you cannot assume that just because you are speaking with a DYFS case worker means that you will not face criminal prosecution.  You have the right to remain silent but saying nothing may also lead to problem.  Only an experienced child abuse attorney can advise you as to how to proceed.  Since every case is different, our team of tough, smart child abuse defense lawyers will craft a strategy that is unique to each case.

Another issue people don’t realize is that hospitals also work closely with DYFS and law enforcement.  Thus, anything you say to hospital staff, doctors and social workers can also be used against you.  They will often call DYFS and police right away and before you know it, you are sitting down in a room being interviewed by detectives from the Prosecutor’s Office.  Most people don’t go into there expecting to admit to anything but many leave in handcuffs as they get buried by their own statements.

Don’t make any assumption about needing a lawyer.  Before you do anything, call our team of tough, smart child abuse defense lawyer to discuss your options and how we can protect you and your family.