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Should I comply with DYFS (DCPP)?

Being in compliance with DYFS (DCPP) is a tricky subject.  DYFS will often ask you to sign a safety protection plan and then afterward use that to hold your feet to the fire.  However, safety plan or not, DYFS wants you to be in compliance.  In other words, they want you to do whatever they want you to do.  By complying with DYFS, you are likely helping them build a case against you.  Of course, if you don’t comply, they can bring you to court for your lack of compliance.  Thus, this is a big catch-22.  There is a way to avoid this.  Instead of dealing with DYFS on your own, have a lawyer handle the DYFS investigation for you.  Our track record has proven that a quality team of lawyers can help you fight DYFS and get your life back.