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DCPP Child Endangerment in New Jersey

DCPP Child Endangerment in New Jersey

Child endangerment in New Jersey is when any person who has a legal duty to care for the child is accused of engaging in sexual contact or harms the child through abuse or neglect. If the defendant had committed these acts willfully and intentionally, he could be charged for endangering the child.

Another way someone could be charged for child endangerment is if they were accused of consuming controlled substances in the presence of the child or operated a vehicle while the child is inside when intoxicated. In this instance, the child is considered to be in immediate danger of serious injury or death, which means DCPP will end up stepping in.

Child endangerment charges are nothing to fool around with, as they can result in serious penalties, and even the loss of parental rights. If you are facing a child endangerment accusation, our team of smart and tough NJ DCPP defense attorneys will help. When putting your child in danger, you run the risk of having your child taken from you and never seeing them again. Our experienced lawyers will work to bring your child back home.

Call our 24/7 hour toll free hotline at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to speak to one of our experienced lawyers who are eager to help you.

FAQ – what are my rights with DYFS / DCPP?

FAQ – what are my rights with DYFS / DCPP?

One of the most asked questions I get is what are my rights when dealing with DYFS / DCPP? This is a tough question to answer since I don’t think that is the exact question the people are actually asking. If I answer the question directly, the answer is basically that you have the right to hire a lawyer or not hire a lawyer. I really don’t see any other “rights” that you have. Again, I think the actually question here is what are my options or how do I handle this case? The answer though is really the same. That is because it is crazy to handle a DYFS situation on your own, at least in my opinion. Anything you say can be used against you in a DYFS / DCPP complaint. Even if you don’t actually say something, the fact that you are talking to them allows the case worker to twist your words or put words in your mouth. In almost every DYFS case we have handled, we’ve had a client complain that DYFS is lying. I find it impossible to believe that every single client is making that up.

When you deal with DYFS by yourself, you are really in a catch-22 situation. If you don’t comply, DYFS could bring you to court for non-compliance. If you do comply, you may be giving DYFS all the information they need to build a case against you. Its a really tough position to be in. A tough and aggressive DYFS lawyer can come in and resolve the case for you. The lawyer is there to get information and give information without exposing you to danger. Our team of tough, smart lawyers can help you do that. We can work with DYFS’ lawyer to shut the case down and stop them from bullying you.

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