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NJ Domestic Violence Lawyers

NJ Domestic Violence Lawyers

DYFS often gets involved when parties who have children are involved in a domestic violence situation. Domestic violence is an umbrella term that can refer to a number of situations. These include an argument that does not involve police, an argument that does involve police, criminal charges, restraining orders as well as divorce and custody cases involving domestic violence accusations. DYFS can handle these allegations either in court or out of court. Regardless of which they choose, they can attempt to force you into various evaluations and classes such as GEM counseling, ADV and others.

Before you agree or refuse to do anything, you should first contact an attorney to discuss your options. The sooner you call an attorney the more options the attorney can give you. We have successfully helped numerous clients with any number of domestic violence issues both involving or not involving DYFS allegations. Thinking you can just handle this on your own may be a big mistake. Call us at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to discuss your case for free and how we can help you.

DYFS (DCPP) and domestic violence allegations in New Jersey

DYFS and domestic violence allegations in New Jersey

Plenty of people have domestic violence issues in New Jersey but not everyone has to deal with DYFS (DCPP). The police seem to size people up based upon a number of factors as to whether to call DYFS (DCPP). Some of these factors may be people that are on disability, prior drug issues, prior criminal history and people that don’t have a lot of money. Regardless of why the police decided to get DYFS involved in your case, the fact is that you have to deal with it and deal with it ASAP.  Our team of tough, smart New Jersey DYFS lawyers can not only help you defeat the DYFS allegations, but we can also help you with the domestic violence charges.

In many cases, DYFS has taken the position that the couple must break up. This causes great strain on a couple that wants to stay together. However, I have also been in cases where DYFS wants the couple to stay together when at least one side doesn’t want to. Thus, there is no one way DYFS handles these matters except that in any case, DYFS often recommends counseling and other services.
As always, the decision as to whether or not to engage in services is not an easy decision. From a practical standpoint, many people have work and other responsibilities that may make it difficult if not impossible to engage in DYFS services. Even more importantly, anything you say during domestic violence counseling (i.e. GEM counseling) can be used against you. Even if you don’t say anything bad, words can be put in your mouth or your words can be twisted and later used against you.

All of this can land you in DYFS court with your children being removed. To avoid all of this, you should hire a lawyer at the first sign of any DYFS investigation or involvement. Our team of tough, smart DYFS (DCPP) lawyers can help you resolve your DYFS investigation. No matter where you live in New Jersey, we can help you.

New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyers