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Cape May DYFS Lawyers Help Client Get Children Back After DODD Removal

Right before Christmas, DYFS took our client’s children from them. Of course, the timing for this couldn’t have been worse. However, our DODD removal lawyers couldn’t have imagined what we were walking into. The client didn’t mention that there were two prior DYFS cases in which the children were removed before. Thus, this was the third time that DYFS removed the children. Clearly, this case was much tougher than what our lawyers first thought. Making the situation even worse is that the judge handling the matter was the emergent duty judge, not the normal DYFS judge. It would have been understandable if this judge, having little to no DYFS experience, would have just kept the children in foster care until we could come back to court at a later date. This really wasn’t looking good.


Our Southern New Jersey DYFS Attorneys never let the pressure get to us. When the facts are tough, we get tougher. We worked with the law guardian and our co-counsel to team up against DYFS. However, Jef Henninger, Esq. Led the charge against DYFS. As a result of Jef’s hard-hitting argument, the judge sided with us and our client was given her children back. This was the day after Christmas, so although it was a little belated, the family was still able to have a great Christmas.


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