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Don’t let DYFS / DCPP threaten you not to get a lawyer

I hear way too often that people are scared to get a lawyer for a DYFS / DCPP investigation in New Jersey.  The case worker may say that if you hire a lawyer, they will bring you to court.  You have the right to an attorney at any point and I think it is insane to deal with DYFS / DCPP without an attorney. Often times, when confronted about this, the case worker will deny ever saying this.  Thus, I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone to say that this is some type of DYFS policy.  Instead, my personal opinion is that the case workers are scared of dealing with an attorney that handles DYFS cases because they know that they will not be allowed to bully you.  I’ve even had attorneys for DYFS try to bully and threaten me and I find these threats to be BS.  About 90% of the time I have been threatened, it turned out to be all talk.  Even if they follow through with their threats, my team is fully prepared to defeat the case against you.

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