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Big Wins – DYFS / DCPP Investigations

Our New Jersey DYFS Lawyers represents hundreds of people / couples each year facing DYFS / DCPP investigations.  We realized that there were just far too many to post in our Big Wins page and most of the cases were fairly similar.  In all of these cases, DYFS / DCPP was bothering the client(s) and they wanted our lawyers to make them go away while at the same time preventing DYFS / DCPP from taking them to court.  In all of these cases, we were successful.  Just like our other list of Big Wins, this list will never be close to complete.  It will just give you an idea as to the number of people we have helped.  As always, every case is different and there is no lawyer on this planet that can win every single case.  However, our success rate is very high.

It is important to note that all of these people accepted these basic principles:

1.  Hiring a lawyer will not make things worse

2.  They would trust our advice and not make any assumptions

3.  They didn’t think that it would just go away or that they could handle it.

Victor A
Tom B
Bob B
Randy M
Tiffini M
Tim H
Mitchell T
Ashley M
Agnes F
Debra W
Bonnie F
John S
Chris F
Rob L
Kristina W
Sarah H
Sandra J
Jason P
Keith W
Julia C
Danielle S
Robert W
Evita E
Melanie V
Jennifer M
Michelle C
Natasha P
Janice C
Tony M
Kristina W
Osvaldo C
Angela N
Joanne I
Robert B
Robert C
Naomi G
Kelly H
Amy P
Syed A
Janice G
Terrence c
Ray S
Betty W
Jennifer M

Stacy R
Alana G
Gabrielle C
Richard P
Lynn S
Nicholas B
John C
Ana C
Latchman R
Laura S
Marisol K
Elizabeth B
Richard A
Stephen S
Carolann H
Wali W

Donna S
Salomen M
Agnes Z
Anna Marie B
Rebecca B
Shannon B
Lourdes G
Christine O
Sharon Z
Wendy B
Jaclyn F
Lisa W
Janet P
Yesenia P