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Lawyers win DYFS OAL Appeal for client accused of threatening his children


OAL Appeal

In this case, our client was accused of making threats to harm his children.  Although these threats were due to mental illness, DYFS still brought him to court.  His prior attorney was able to get the case dismissed however, DYFS still substantiated him for child abuse and neglect.  As a result, the client needed to file an OAL appeal.  Since his prior lawyer didn’t have much DYFS experience, he hired us to make sure the case was dismissed.  Recently, we received notice that the finding was reversed and thus, the client has been removed from the database.  This was important because although the DYFS case was dismissed, the client still had problems with parenting time due to the finding of abuse and neglect against him.  This reversal will help our DYFS lawyers help the client secure a proper parenting time schedule in his divorce case.

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