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Should I hire a private lawyer for my DYFS case?

Should I hire a private lawyer for my DYFS case?

As a private lawyer, you’d think we’d tell you that yes, you should always hire a private lawyer. However, you’d be surprised to learn that this is not always the case. If you have enough money to afford a private lawyer, you don’t really have a choice. The court will not just give you a public defender; you have qualify for one.

However, some people have family members that can pay for their lawyers and as a result, there is a choice involved. You should not assume that all private lawyers are good and all public defender’s are bad. Some public defenders are really great and they help us create the law that we use every day. There are also many private lawyers that are horrible.

The big issue here is that with a public defender, you are stuck with who you get. With a private lawyer, you get to choose the person in advance to make sure that they are qualified. In addition, you can fire that person at anytime if they do not perform to your satisfaction.

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Cheap NJ DYFS attorneys are cheap for a reason

Cheap NJ DYFS attorneys are cheap for a reason

As I have said in another post, selecting the right NJ DYFS / DCPP attorney can be tough. There are only a handful of us that handle these cases on a regular basis but most of us charge a fair price. That’s a problem for many people because they cannot afford a fair price  for an attorney since DYFS has a war on the poor. Not wanting to settle for a public defender, many people unfortunately turn to cheap DYFS attorneys that will take almost anything upfront just to get the money. People hiring these attorneys don’t often realize that there is a reason why attorneys charge what they charge. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. At some point, some of these people do realize that they made the wrong choice and they eventually hire the right attorney. However, not everyone is so fortunate.

Some people have very little money and once they realize that they chose the wrong attorney, they don’t have any other funds to switch attorneys. Most of these people would have probably been better with a DYFS / DCPP public defender. Of course, if you hire a DYFS lawyer early enough, you may be able to save money by closing out the case sooner. In our experience, when people leave a cheap attorney for us, the previous attorney has usually done next to nothing. As a result, months were wasted which prolongs the case unnecessarily. This is especially difficult when the children were removed from the house.  Thus, be sure that you select the right New Jersey DYFS lawyer early on.

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