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Dealing with DYFS in New Jersey when you have a child with autism

Dealing with DYFS in New Jersey when you have a child with autism

Our lawyers have represented many clients who had DYFS / DCPP cases or investigations with a child that has autism (or a another ASD such as Aspergers). For some reason, this issue touches a big nerve with DYFS. DYFS seems to take the position that the parents do not know how to handle a child with autism even if there is no such allegation in the case. I’ve literally been in a case involving another issue like drug abuse and as soon as DYFS finds out that the child has autism, they automatically want the parent to get involved in a large number of services because they assume that the parents cannot handle the child or don’t know how to parent a special needs child. Luckily, we were there to shut this down as our clients were good parents. Just because a child has special needs doesn’t mean that a child is out of control and/or that the parents have no idea what they are doing. Don’t let DYFS / DCPP bully you and your family. Call our team of tough and aggressive DYFS defense lawyers today.

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