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Hackensack DCPP Lawyers help client regain custody of his child

H.M.  Hackensack DYFS (DCPP) case

This client originally hired another lawyer from a firm with a website that is filled with DYFS and other key words.  Of course, anyone can hire a company to write such a website.  That doesn’t mean that these lawyers have success with DCPP cases.  Luckily for the client, he fired this firm shortly after hiring them and hired us.  Our Hackensack DCPP lawyers fought the case hard.  Even though the judge had already found that the client had a long standing drug addiction, our lawyers were able to get the client his child back.  Since he split up with his wife, the judge had to choose between him and the mother and she chose him, our client.

If you want help in getting your child back, call our team of tough, smart Hackensack DCPP lawyers today to discuss your case.