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Despite drug use, Hackensack DYFS Lawyers help client get supervision order lifted


Bergen County

Client’s wife had a serious drug problem but little did DYFS know that our client had a bad drug problem as well.  He was ordered to supervise her parenting time.  However, he failed some drug tests and then the Bergen County DYFS office would up removing the child all together.  Of course, if the client would have hired a lawyer from the start, he may have stayed out of court, but DYFS did bring him to court which is when he hired our law firm.  We fought hard to make sure that the client gets parenting time even over the objection of DYFS.  Despite his wife’s problems, the judge granted our application for unsupervised parenting time.  In fact, we made so much progress that the case could soon be dismissed.

Hackensack DYFS Lawyers