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Hudson County DYFS Attorney helps client avoid molestation accusations


Hudson County


This was a very tough case. Our client was accused of molesting his young daughter. Complicating the matter was that DYFS was involved but not a party to the case. Furthermore, the mother of the child had a very popular and talented attorney. As a result, this case would test everything our office had as everything was stacked against us. However, we don’t back down against anyone. This case was a real team approach as it went on for almost a year and a half. Luckily, the client never lost his resolve to fight and we kept the pressure on the Court, DYFS and the mother. In the end, we were able to show that this accusation was garbage. DYFS’ expert reversed their finding which is almost unheard of. After well over a year of not being able to see his child, visitation started and the client was well on his way to putting these horrible allegations behind him.


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