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Hudson County DYFS Lawyers Help Client Avoid Termination of Parental Rights Trial

Our NJ DYFS Lawyers scored a huge victory in Hudson County this week. This was a case that should have been easily won.  In fact, we were just weeks away from winning it earlier this year.  The case was almost over.  However, the client really screwed up the case by getting back involved with the child’s father after previously saying she would stay away from him.  In fact, it was more than just interacting with him, she actually wound up allegedly assaulting him with a car.  She then lied to the DYFS case worker on numerous occasions.  As a result, we went from almost winning the case to losing the permanency hearing.  DYFS filed an FG complaint and they were moving to terminate her parental rights.

Even when it looks like the case is hopeless, our team of tough and aggressive DYFS lawyers never give up.  We fought hard to get the client back on track and advocate for her in court.  As a result, DYFS dismissed the FG complaint against her.  If everything goes well, she should be reunified with her child shortly and the case will be dismissed shortly after that.  If you have a DYFS matter in Jersey City, call us anytime.

NJ Termination of Parental Rights Lawyer