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Mercer County DYFS Attorneys help clients shut down DYFS investigation


Mercer County

Client was accused of abusing his children to the point where his one son was covered in bruises. Following a brutal custody battle in another state, all parties moved to the New Jersey area. Not content with leaving the custody battle behind her, the ex-wife continued making accusations against the client. However, these accusations were difficult to deal with because the child was picked up after school and was then brought to the police station covered in bruises less than an hour later. The police wanted to interview the client so one of our Mercer County DCPP lawyers went down to the police station to have the client interviewed. The case worker was also present but she was not in the room while the interview was taking place. This is just one of those examples of how close the police are with DYFS. We were able to shut down the police interview in our client’s favor and no charges were ever filed. Our attorneys then turned their attention to DYFS. With the police case shut down, it was only a matter of weeks until the DYFS case was shut down as well.

If you are facing a DYFS / DCPP case in Mercer County, call the team of tough smart Mercer County DYFS lawyers today to discuss your case.