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New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, DYFS allegations find their way into New Jersey divorce cases. This can really catch your divorce lawyer off guard and leave you without adequate protection. See, most divorce lawyers are not DYFS experts. In fact, many have handled a few to no DYFS cases in their career. Its a very specialized field. A smart attorney will promptly advise the client that they should at least consult with someone that handles these types of cases. However, there are plenty of lawyers that will not do so and instead, they will make a complete mess out of the case.

If you suddenly find yourself dealing with DYFS allegations during your divorce, call us right away. You may have a number of options available to you. These can include having us consult with you out of court, becoming “second chair” on your divorce case (working side by side with your divorce attorney) or we can take over the entire case. We have built a great team of lawyers in this office. Some of us focus more on DYFS cases while others focus more on divorce. Thus, we could put a winning team together for you to battle your divorce case and your DYFS case at the same time just as we have done for countless other clients.

NJ Divorce Cases involving Child Abuse Allegations

Divorce Cases involving Child Abuse Allegations

Most people don’t realize that their divorce lawyer may not know anything about DYFS or child abuse.  Thus, when the other parent makes an allegation that gets DYFS involved, you may be left unprotected if you don’t have the right lawyer.  Some lawyers are honest and they have told their clients to find another lawyer to help them.  However, others have made a mess of the case and it was only later did the client realize that they needed to make a switch.  If your New Jersey divorce case involves DYFS, make sure you have the right lawyer backing you.

When the other parent makes a child abuse or neglect allegation against you, you must act fast!  Thus our team of tough, smart divorce attorneys are available 24/7

As we indicated elsewhere on this blog, this law firm is set up so that we can handle all of your DYFS related matters.  Thus, we don’t just understand how to handle divorce cases, we have the experience of hundreds of divorce cases over many years to back us up.  Thus, you do not have to sacrifice performance.  Furthermore, we strive to get our divorce cases done faster and cheaper than other law firms.  Our initial retainers are often lower and do everything we can to make sure our final bills are lower too.

Thus, if your divorce case involves DFYS allegations and you want to do everything you can to make sure that you have the right New Jersey Divorce Attorneys backing you, call us today to see how we can fight for you.