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Toms River DCPP Lawyer gets Order to Show Cause Dismissed

Toms River DCPP Lawyer gets Order to Show Cause Dismissed

Barry W.

Ocean County

Our client was accused of assaulting his older son.  However, the client indicated that he was defending his younger son who was being assault by the other older one.  The two sons were from different mothers and as a result, this litigation only dealt with the younger son.  The thought process here from the State is that if someone assaults one child, they will assault another.  Of course, there is nothing to support that logic and Jef argued to the court that the case should be dismissed.  The court adjourned the order to show cause to another date for further consideration.  On the return date, the order to show cause was dismissed.



Ocean County DYFS Lawyers help client avoid sexual assault charges


Ocean County


Client, a fellow attorney, was accused of molesting his young daughter after she went to school and made allegations against him. We had to deal with both DYFS and the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office wanted him to take a lie detector test but after performing our own due diligence, our team of New Jersey sex crimes attorneys decided that it would not be in his best interests to do so. After further discussions with the Prosecutor’s Office, we confirmed that no charges would be filed against him. That still left DYFS to deal with. After a few more weeks of working with them, they dropped the case against him and closed the case. The client was very happy to get his family back together.

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