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DYFS cannot stop parents from home schooling their children thanks to Ocean County DYFS Lawyers

M.O and A.O.

Ocean County

In this case, our team of aggressive Ocean County DYFS lawyers represented a couple that was being investigated for abuse and neglect of their children. The school had called with regard to one of the children and the case had the potential of getting very ugly, very quickly. In addition to repeated problems with the school, one child had autism and another child was being home schooled. Further complicating the case was that there was a big paddle used to scare the children. DYFS wanted to perform a number of evaluations on the entire family but we were able to shut them down. At the second court appearance, we got the case dismissed.


If you are facing a DYFS / DCPP case in Ocean County, call the team of tough smart Ocean County DYFS attorneys today to discuss your case.