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Private Title 9 Complaint Dismissed by South Jersey DCPP Lawyers


Monmouth County

Our South Jersey DCPP Lawyers were faced with a very contentious case between two divorced parents.  Although the father was not a lawyer, he was a law school graduate so he was a unique pro se adversary.  Our client, the mother, was alleged to have been engaging in pornography around the children.  Not exactly your normal child abuse complaint.  The father complained to DCPP (formerly DYFS) but he was shut down.  As a result, he filed a Private Title 9 complaint.  Such a move is rare, but not unheard of for our firm.  In fact, our child abuse defense lawyers have filed these complaints on behalf of our own clients.  The father hired expert witness (so he claimed) and he was ready for trial.  Luckily, we were ready for this case and at a very lengthy oral argument, the judge granted our motion to dismiss the Title 9 complaint.  As a result, our client’s custody rights were not impacted.  She remains the parent of primary residence.

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