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DYFS Investigations F.A.Q.

We get tons of calls each day about people dealing with DYFS investigations, DYFS in their life, DYFS just left my house, I got a call from DYFS, etc, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, DYFS is bothering you, the case is not in court yet and you don’t know what to do.  So as to help you make the right choice, what follows are some of the frequently asked questions we get asked almost every single day.

1.  Should I comply with DYFS?  Should I speak to DYFS?  Should I submit to a DYFS substance abuse evaluation?  Do I have to let DYFS in my house?  Etc.

This is a tough question.  DYFS cannot force you do do anything, only a Court can.  The issue is whether or not you should do something.  Every case is different and I do not offer cookie cutter representation.   I generally tell my clients not to do anything until I tell them to do something but if you are not a client, that doesn’t mean you should do or not do anything.   That brings me to the next question…

2.  Do I need an attorney?

While you don’t “need” an attorney, you also don’t “need” a car.  The issue is whether or not you should hire an attorney.  In my opinion, handling any legal matter without an attorney is crazy.  Even though we are attorneys, we still have to hire attorneys to help us with any number of legal issues.  If we wouldn’t handle our own legal issues, why should you?  Likewise, if you needed surgery, would you buy a scalpel and do it yourself or would you hire a surgeon to do it?  Thus, if you are not ready to perform your own surgery, you shouldn’t try to be your own lawyer.

3.  But DYFS says that the case will be closed; its an easy case; I don’t need a lawyer; they have to take the case to court if I get a lawyer; etc.

I have yet to meet a client that trusts DYFS and yet for some reason, people believe what they say when it comes to hiring a lawyer.  Don’t you think they are just a little biased here?  Why would you trust anything they say?

4.  Will getting a lawyer upset DYFS and cause more problems?

Do you honestly think we would do anything that would harm your case?  We have helped 100’s upon 100’s of people avoid court.  In addition to saving them thousands of dollars, they didn’t have to deal with the nightmare that is a DYFS court case.

5.  You are too expensive, I want a cheaper lawyer

Ok, this isn’t really a question, but I hear this every now and then because DYFS has a war on the poor.  Look at it this way, why do you think we charge what we charge and why some other lawyers are cheaper?  Wouldn’t these other lawyers put us out of business?  Why would anyone hire me?  Why would 100’s of people trust us with their safety?  Ever hear the saying that you get what you pay for?

6.  Why should I get a lawyer because I didn’t need one last time and/or someone I know didn’t need one?

Clearly, not everyone that encounters DYFS hires a lawyer and plenty of people wind up just fine.  Of course, there are many other people that don’t and wind up in court.  So many of our in-court cases could have been kept out of court if they had just hired us first.  Almost all of our cases never see the inside of a court room.  These cases are not that expensive.  Are you really willing to roll the dice to save just a little bit of money when the downside is a very expensive in-court DYFS case where your children may be placed in foster care and in the worst case scenario, you’re parental rights may be terminated?  Also, ready the “DYFS Trap” via the above link for more information.

7.  Can you guarantee (fill in the blank)?

In my opinion, it is illegal for lawyers to guarantee you anything.  What we can tell you is that our track record is clear and we have shown time and time again that we know how to win.  100’s of people have trust us to help them and their family.

8.  Another lawyer told me (fill in the blank)?

I never really understand this question.  If you are looking for us to help you, all that matters is our advice, not the advice of anyone else.  If a lawyer gave you advice and you didn’t even hire that person, I don’t know how or why this other lawyer was even in a position to give you advice.