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Salem County DYFS Lawyer helps client regain visitation


Salem County

Client had a long history of DYFS involvement and drug use. This was a tough case as the client had a different attorney for the first half of the case. Like many of these cases, the first lawyer did next to nothing forcing us to play catch up. Further complicating this matter is that there were two mothers involved in the case which meant that we had to deal with an extra lawyer. Thus, in once case, there were four other lawyers in the case which is not good if they are against you. Nevertheless, our team of tough, smart Southern New Jersey DYFS attorneys geared up for trial. Right before trial, we were able to work out a resolution that dismissed the case and got our client a great parenting time schedule.

If you are facing a DYFS / DCPP case in Salem County, call the team of tough smart Salem County DYFS lawyers today to discuss your case.