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False Sex Abuse Allegations

False Sex Abuse Allegations

Conventional Wisdom says that children don’t lie.  Thus, if a child makes a sex abuse allegation against a parent, it has to be true, right?  This could not be farther from the truth.  A number of studies and famous cases have clearly shown that children can and do lie.  The reasons are endless and some are just unknown.  However, one of the more common reasons children lie is because they are coached, often by the other parent.  Children are great mimics and will often repeat anything.  Often times, law enforcement doesn’t care about how obvious this coaching may be. As a result, people have been brought to trial and many have been convicted for false sex abuse allegations.

Our team of tough, aggressive false sex abuse defense lawyers don’t have to rely upon books or studies to know that this is the case.  Consider just two of our recent examples.  In the case of D.L., DYFS received an allegation that he was molesting his daughter.  When interviewed, the child denied all allegations.  An hour later, the child changed her story without explanation.  You would think that the detective from the Prosecutor’s Office would want to know what happened in that last hour, who the child spoke with and why she changed her story.  Of course, none of that was done.  They were just happy that the child was now accusing dad.  It took us over a year, but all charges and cases against the client were dismisse when the Court granted Jef Henninger’s motion to dismiss.

In the case of F.A., the client just finished a four month visitation battle with the mother of the child.  Exactly a week after the court denied the mother’s motion to deny the father parenting time, the child made accusations that the father molested her.  After a year of battling back, we finally got DYFS to realize that it was the mother who engaged in emotional abuse by coaching the child to say that she was molested.  Mom was represented by an attorney that is ranked in the top 100 in the country.

Of course, we have had many other cases as well.  Thus, if you are facing false sex abuse allegations, call our team of tough, smart defense lawyers and let us fight for you.