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Somerset County DYFS Attorney helps client defeat child molestation accusations

Somerset County

Client was accused of molesting his daughter and was under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office and DYFS. His wife fled New Jersey with the child so we filed an Order to Show Cause to force her to return. The response from DYFS was to file a complaint against the client. We were able to prevent him from being charged with aggravated sexual assault but the DYFS complaint continued. We tried to get the evidence from the Prosecutor’s Office but DYFS would not help us out. It took us several months to get the evidence we requested. When we finally got the evidence, we found that the child initially said nothing happened and then an hour later, she changed her entire story without explanation. Thus, it was clear that the child was coached. At this point, the case was well over six months old. We then hired a great expert who indicated that the child was coached. We then filed a motion to dismiss the complaint and it was granted by the Court thus ending a year long odyssey for the client who had no contact with his daughter throughout the entire case.

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