DYFS doesn’t have to follow any rules when the case is not in court

Please note that this is my opinion only.  There are laws that DYFS has to follow and then there are internal policies or rules that DYFS has to follow but just like any other agency, it doesn’t mean that they always will.   The Internet has made things difficult for lawyers because clients can get some information, some of which may be wrong, and then they twist it around to benefit their case.  Even though the lawyer is the expert, they try to tell the lawyer that he/she is wrong because of something they read on the Internet!

One recent example involves a client who thought that she didn’t have to speak with DYFS because they only have 60 days to complete their investigation.  Since it has been more than 4 months, the client wanted me to confirm that she could just tell them to go away.  So, besides the client calling me with not even a thought of ever hiring me, she wanted me to confirm that she didn’t have to speak with DYFS and was then upset when I told her that she was wrong.  DYFS doesn’t always follow their own rules and when they don’t, it doesn’t mean that you benefit.

The surest way to make sure DYFS goes away is to call a lawyer that knows what he/she is doing.  As I have said before, plenty of people have made DYFS go away without a lawyer but plenty of people have also screwed up their case by handling it on their own and as a result, they wound up in court.  Click on the “DYFS Trap” link above to learn more about why this happens.

Call our DYFS Investigation Lawyers today to discuss your case and how we can help make sure you don’t go to court.

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