Toms River DYFS Lawyers help client regain custody

Our Toms River DYFS Lawyers pulled off a major victory today.  Our client had been dealing with DYFS for about two years.  She was going to hire us before the case went to court but then decided on another firm.  Unfortunately for her, this was the wrong choice.  DYFS brought the case to court.  As the months went on, her case quickly spiraled out of control.  Her parental rights were impacted and all of her parenting time had to be supervised.  Eventually, she realized that she made the wrong choice and she hired us.  We had a lot of work to do as the case was a mess.  The client’s husband was the main one pushing the case.  So we had three attorneys in the case working against us.  DYFS was pushing for her to go in-patient which would have been a disaster for her case.  The judge was a second away from putting her in but we kept it from happening.  A few weeks later, we were able to get the entire case dismissed.    This is just another example of what our Toms River DYFS Lawyers can do when we fight for our clients.

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