What To Expect in a New Jersey DODD Hearing

In New Jersey, if the DCPP has investigated an allegation which stated that you have abused or neglected your child, and has discovered that your child is at an “imminent risk of harm,” the DCPP can remove the child from your home right away without a court order. This is what is known as a DODD removal, and once this removal occurs, the DCPP must be before a judge within two court days to ratify, or approve, the DODD.

Feel at Ease in Your NJ DODD Hearing With Us By Your Side

Since these DODD hearings happen so fast, it is important to act quick and contact an attorney who will be prepared to defend you. Our NJ DCPP lawyers are available at all hours of the day, making them easy to reach. Experienced lawyers will help you understand your rights in this situation, and will also be able to the devise a strategy you’d need to enter a DODD hearing. Our team of experienced lawyers can work to help you get your children back.

A mishandled DODD hearing could hinder your chances of having a successful DCPP case as it moved forward. Don’t drop the ball from the start, and let our New Jersey DCPP lawyers handle the DODD hearing, so that you are in good hands from the start. Be sure to call our 24 hour toll free hotline at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) to get in contact with one of our dedicated, tough, and smart lawyers who will work with you to bring your children home.

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