What Happens When DYFS Files an Order to Show Cause and Complaint?

What Happens When DYFS Files an Order to Show Cause and Complaint?

These papers show that DYFS believes you have abused or neglected a child, and DYFS may request that the child be removed from the home temporarily. When filed, an order to show cause and complaint will also let you know that you are required to appear in court at a certain day and time.

If DYFS removes your child from your home due to an emergency before first going to Court, which is known as a DODD removal, on the next business day, DYFS must file a Complaint. Here, you are entitled to a preliminary hearing at the time the Complaint was filed.

If DYFS has filed these papers, it is important to contact our team of experienced and tough NJ DYFS attorneys, as being protected and properly guided from the start is crucial. If your child is removed from your home, it is important to fight it right away, as gets more difficult to bring them home the longer you wait. Our team can work to help you have these charges dropped, and make sure you and your family are unharmed. Going through this alone can make things worse, so call our team at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529) and we’ll be happy to fight for you.

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