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Former DYFS psychologist threatens to prevent client from getting her child back


Middlesex County

This case became very personal for our office because the system really seemed out to get a great family.  The mother was facing felony criminal charges (which we later got dismissed) and at the same time, was facing a DYFS case.  The mother was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation with one of the worst DYFS experts ever.  This guy was horrible and thankfully, this case is one of the reasons why he is pretty much out of business.  This DYFS psychologist wanted the mother to discuss her criminal charges (which could have been used against her in both cases) but pursuant to her advice, advised him that she could not since her criminal case was pending.  His response was that if you don’t talk about your criminal charges, he will make it so she never gets to see her child.  This just sounds so crazy that it couldn’t be true but this client actually recorded the conversation.  Needless to say, this tape was sent to a lot of people.  Within a few months, the expert had his DYFS contract canceled.  Unfortunately, not every expert is dumb enough to specifically tell the client what they are going to do like this.

Don’t let a DYFS psychologist break apart your family.  Let our team of New Brunswick DYFS Lawyers fight back for you!

Client fails DYFS substance abuse evalution even though she doesn’t abuse substances!


Camden County

This case upsets me more than the average case.  It goes to show how corrupt our system in New Jersey can be.  DYFS received an anonymous call (although its obvious who called it in) about my client using drugs.  There is no evidence that she has ever used drugs, ever abused alcohol or ever failed a drug test.  For some reason, she decided to go to a DYFS substance abuse evaluation instead of hiring an attorney first.  Now most people in this situation figure, I don’t need a lawyer, I have nothing to hide.  How could I possibly fail a substance abuse evaluation with no drug or alcohol history?  Well, this client had a mother that apparently had some alcohol problems although it debatable as to how serious they actually were.  The DYFS evaluator was not happy with the client’s denials of the drug and alcohol abuse and as a result of her denials and family history, the evaluator thought that the client was minimizing her problems.  As a result, she was referred to out patient substance abuse treatment.  When she refused, DYFS took her to court.

Luckily, our Camden County DCPP Lawyers stepped in to prevent this, but none of this should have ever happened.  She did nothing wrong and this is the last person that DYFS should be focusing on.  So, before you tell yourself that you did nothing wrong and thus, taking a DYFS substance abuse evaluation can’t hurt, read this over carefully.


DYFS uses DODD removal to take child only because child had a criminal record

This case really upset all of the lawyers in our office.  A DODD removal is serious and should only be used in emergency situations.  As a result, some lawyers who are not as aggressive as our lawyers believe that there is nothing you can do at a DODD removal hearing in New Jersey because the judge will always go along with whatever DYFS/DCPP says.  This clearly is not the case.  We have had many cases where we were able to win the DODD hearing hearing get the children back.

Our attorneys hear all the time, “I didn’t do anything wrong, why do I need an attorney?”.  This case makes it clear that you don’t need to do anything to get your children taken away.  In this case, the simple fact of having a criminal record was enough to get the children removed.  If the parents had handled the DODD hearing wrong, the children may have been placed in foster care for a lengthy period of time.  Luckily, that didn’t happen to then but don’t let this happen to you!

Cheap attorney does nothing for New Jersey couple’s DYFS case

We got a call the other day from a couple that has been dealing with a DYFS case in court for several months.  The couple complained that their attorney was doing nothing for them.  I know most attorneys that handle DYFS cases on a regular basis and I had never heard of the attorney on the case.  Based upon what the couple said, it clearly seemed like these attorneys either didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t care to do the right thing.  Upon further questioning, the couple indicated that the attorney was only charging $150 per hour!  Anyone new to the legal system may not know how much lawyers charge so thus, they may not realize how cheap these attorneys were.  Attorneys, like just about any other service, set their prices based upon supply and demand.  There is only so much time that we can sell.  The more in demand we are, the higher are prices go.  Younger attorneys charged anywhere from $250 to $300 on average.  More experienced attorneys charge anywhere from $300 to $450 on average.  Very well known attorneys or attorneys in big firms charge $450 to $700 per hour.  I seriously question the value that these attorneys bring to some case.

Just remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.  I think that our fees are reasonable given the service that you receive and our track record.  Thus, I believe that our services are affordable since throwing your money away on an attorney that will do nothing for you doesn’t make much sense.  Furthermore, in certain cases, payment plans may be available.

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