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Former DYFS psychologist threatens to prevent client from getting her child back


Middlesex County

This case became very personal for our office because the system really seemed out to get a great family.  The mother was facing felony criminal charges (which we later got dismissed) and at the same time, was facing a DYFS case.  The mother was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation with one of the worst DYFS experts ever.  This guy was horrible and thankfully, this case is one of the reasons why he is pretty much out of business.  This DYFS psychologist wanted the mother to discuss her criminal charges (which could have been used against her in both cases) but pursuant to her advice, advised him that she could not since her criminal case was pending.  His response was that if you don’t talk about your criminal charges, he will make it so she never gets to see her child.  This just sounds so crazy that it couldn’t be true but this client actually recorded the conversation.  Needless to say, this tape was sent to a lot of people.  Within a few months, the expert had his DYFS contract canceled.  Unfortunately, not every expert is dumb enough to specifically tell the client what they are going to do like this.

Don’t let a DYFS psychologist break apart your family.  Let our team of New Brunswick DYFS Lawyers fight back for you!