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Endangering the Welfare of a Child and DYFS in New Jersey

Endangering the Welfare of a Child and DYFS in New Jersey

If you have a legal duty to care for a child, or assumed responsibility for the care of a child, and are accused of engaging in sexual conduct with this child which could damage or impair their morals, you may be charged for endangering the welfare of a child. You may also be charged for endangering the welfare of a child if you cause the child harm by neglecting or abusing them. In order to be considered a child, this person must be under the age of 16.

Endangering the welfare of a child can also be charged if the defendant is accused of photographing or filming a child in a prohibited sexual act. If the defendant is accused of knowingly, to name a few, selling, manufacturing, transferring, publishing, filming, and disseminating any reproduction which depicts the child engaging in the prohibited sexual act.

If you have been accused of endangering the welfare of a child, you should not take it lightly. Put yourself in a good place by contacting our team of NJ defense attorneys. When accused of such an act, DYFS will be involved, and they have the power to remove your child from the home, and they can even remove your parental rights. Let our team work to help you defend your rights and work to have these endangering the welfare of a child charges dropped.

Contact our team of New Jersey DYFS lawyers by calling our 24/7 toll free hotline at 1-855-9JEFLAW (1-855-953-3529). Call us today!

Child Abuse Criminal Charges in New Jersey

Child Abuse Criminal Charges in New Jersey

Unfortunately for some, they don’t hire a good child abuse defense attorney before they are arrested.  While there are a number of crimes that can fall under child abuse, they are all serious.  Our team of tough, smart criminal defense attorneys have seen smaller cases such as simple assault to very serious cases such as aggravated sexual assault.  No matter how small or how complex your case is, our team of attorneys is ready to fight for you.  By using the team approach, we can cover your case quicker and we can attack it from a number of different angles at the same time.  This allows us to work to not only get you a better result, but to get this result as soon as possible.

Just some of the charges you could be facing include the following:

As we have indicated elsewhere on this blog, there are number of things that make this firm unique.  First, we have a state-wide practice.  Thus, you don’t have to ask if we go to one court or another, we do and we have been there.  We can also handle every single aspect of your DYFS case including criminal charges and family court issues such as custody.  Thus, you don’t have to hire a number of attorneys.  We are the one firm that can do it all.

If you are facing any child abuse charges, call our team of tough, smart New Jersey criminal defense lawyers now to find out how we can fight for you.