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Lawyer helps client get unsupervised parenting time in Middlesex County DYFS Case


Middlesex County

This client brought us a tough case.  She had:  1) a prior DYFS case which she won, 2) a bad drug test, 3) she was arrested for having drugs in her car and 4) she called a hotline and indicated that she had overdosed on drugs.  As part of our strategy, our team of tough, smart NJ DYFS defense lawyers pushed for a quick fact finding hearing.  Despite the difficult facts, we were confident in our position and we wanted to show DYFS that we were ready for a fight.  Thus, at the 3rd court appearance we were ready for a fact finding hearing.  Instead of going forward with a fact finding hearing, we were able to get our client unsupervised parenting time along with a promise that the case would be dismissed at the next court appearance.

If you have a court appearance in New Brunswick for a DYFS / DCPP case, call our team of DYFS defense attorneys today and let us help you.