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New Brunswick DCPP Lawyers win Permanency Hearing in Middlesex County

Middlesex County Superior Court

Our New Brunswick DCPP Lawyers have helped a client win a permanency hearing in Middlesex County. In a DCPP case, a permanency hearing is the final hearing in the FN litigation. DYFS will ask the Court to change the plan from reunification to something else such as termination of parental rights. In this case, DYFS was pushing to change the plan but our lawyers fought back! Our New Brunswick DCPP Lawyers helped our client get an extension so that he can continue to demonstrate compliance. If he does that, he will be reunified with his children and the case will be closed. We hope to report that our DYFS lawyers were able to do that for him in the next few months.

New Brunswick DCPP Lawyers

Lawyer helps client get unsupervised parenting time in Middlesex County DYFS Case


Middlesex County

This client brought us a tough case.  She had:  1) a prior DYFS case which she won, 2) a bad drug test, 3) she was arrested for having drugs in her car and 4) she called a hotline and indicated that she had overdosed on drugs.  As part of our strategy, our team of tough, smart NJ DYFS defense lawyers pushed for a quick fact finding hearing.  Despite the difficult facts, we were confident in our position and we wanted to show DYFS that we were ready for a fight.  Thus, at the 3rd court appearance we were ready for a fact finding hearing.  Instead of going forward with a fact finding hearing, we were able to get our client unsupervised parenting time along with a promise that the case would be dismissed at the next court appearance.

If you have a court appearance in New Brunswick for a DYFS / DCPP case, call our team of DYFS defense attorneys today and let us help you.